Targeting your ideal holiday customer at the right time

Jenna Connolly


Wednesday, November 2 2016

Consumers at Work, While They Work

As the 2016 Holiday Season approaches, and consumers are gearing up for the year’s largest shopping season, several decisions must be made that extend beyond the workplace. Who’s making the Thanksgiving stuffing this year? Where should I purchase my mother’s Christmas gift? How will I schedule time to complete my to-do list? In an article re-posted by DBM Group’s Marketing Insight, Supermarket News addresses similar questions, and sheds light on a trend that all retailers must adopt in order to attain a successful and profitable Holiday Season.

Homemade meals were once essential to the Holiday dinner table, although as consumers are strapped for time, they are forgoing Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie for the local supermarket or caterer. Consumers at Work especially reap the benefits of catering services and convenient shopping experiences, for their week often means packed work schedules and frequent travel; moreover, these shoppers have discretionary income for grocery stores and other professionals to cater their Holiday parties.

With Holiday revenue accounting for 20-40% of a retailer’s annual sales, businesses must not only embrace this “quick and easy” shopping trend, but modifying their Holiday marketing initiatives toward Consumers at Work will be vital to a lucrative 2016 year.

The Reason(s) for the Season:

More Reasons to Target Consumers at Work This Season

  • • 93% of Consumers at Work complete personal activities during their workday, so targeting these shoppers while they are making their Holiday decisions is crucial to improving every business’s short and long-term sales (Inc. Magazine, 2013).

  • • According to a Google/Nielson study, 69% of consumers expect to travel only 5 miles within their location. While shoppers may work within 5 miles of your business, they probably don’t live in the same proximity; therefore, marketing to Consumers at Work, while they work, will enhance sales and foot traffic.

  • • With 82% of daytime business coming from people working nearby, retailers must market to consumers at their office to maintain a competitive advantage (USA Today, 2013).

  • National Retail Federation predicts that the average Holiday shopper will spend over $800 within the months of November and December; however, Consumers at Work are not your average shopper, for they are gainfully employed and have an even larger budget for Holiday shopping.

While the Holidays yield a myriad of decisions for consumers, now retailers must decide: how will they persuade Consumers at Work that their business is where they should spend their hard-earned dollars this Season?

The Christmas Gift That Keeps on Giving:

DBM Group’s Business Posters

What if you could display your in-store signage promoting Holiday specials in every office around your business? DBM Group’s break room posters leave this exact impression, and allow you to advertise your store while Holiday decisions are being made. If everyone were to visit the office break room 1-2 times a day, at an average of 10 employees per business, that generates 400 impressions a month at each business! Whether you target a single street or select a marketing radius, DBMG identifies the right businesses to target, providing business data with zero waste. Now that’s thinking outside of the mailbox…

So, as shoppers are grappling over who’s making the Thanksgiving stuffing this year or where they should purchase their mother’s Christmas gift, it is essential that you target to the right consumers, at the right time: to Consumers at Work, while they work. Although decent Holiday sales will spur some momentum for the subsequent year, marketing to Consumers at Work will be the boost needed for a profitable 2016 year.