About Us


We are a Direct Marketing Agency that provides industry leading targeted solutions with the strategic use of design, data and technology. Our focus is to maximize measurable return on investment for our clients while providing flawless execution. We leverage online and offline marketing channels along with custom products to drive the customer journey from acquisition to retention.

Our Team

Lead Marketing Strategists

Experienced marketing professionals that work with clients to assure the execution of high-performing marketing strategies specifically tailored to the client’s goals.

Account Supervisors

A team that manages and implements campaign strategy from concept to execution between the client and all internal DBMG departments. They work to ensure clients are satisfied and that all marketing campaigns are flawlessly executed.

Local Store Marketing Specialists

Resource specialists that consult with franchise and multi-unit owners on utilizing corporate sponsored marketing portals for their LSM campaigns.

Data Scientists

Analytical experts that utilize the latest technology and statistics to find trends and manage data for clients. They use industry knowledge and contextual understanding to uncover solutions to business challenges.


A team of in-house full stack developers that design, build and deploy software systems that create hypertargeted marketing campaigns to raise the level of a client’s brand strategy and consumer engagement.


Award winning design team made up of graphic designers, copywriters, web designers and developers working together to create marketing campaigns that exceeds the client’s objectives and engages their customers.

Information Technology

CCPA, HIPPA, PCI, PII and SOC2 compliant team tasked with the governance of the company’s and client’s technological systems, maintenance of the infrastructure as well as functionality of the systems overall.

Offline Production

Industry experts that provide a broad range of pre-production, print and mail services while executing agile time management and superior quality control.

We are a Direct Marketing Agency

At DBM Group, we use data to target your customers and potential customers through multi-channel strategies, experiences and custom solutions that give your customers what they want, rather than what you think they want. We know there’s a million companies out there saying they can do what we can do, the difference is what we do generates results and we’ve got the data to prove it.

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